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What Are ReplytoCom Links And How To Fix Them In Webmaster Tool

How To Fix Replytocom links
Written by Bhupendra Sharma

Most of those bloggers who started their career after the latest Google Panda update have little or no idea of replytocom links and how they affect your search engine ranking. In this guide, I will try to explain what replytocom links are and how you can disable them using webmaster tool. But before we go into details, let’s take a look at a reference replytocom link:

What Are Replytocom Links?

In all those WordPress blogs that have ‘reply to comments’ feature enabled, WP generates a separate URL parameter whenever a new comment in posted. In other words, WordPress creates a new page whenever a someone comments on any blog post. These pages are called replytocom pages and these links are called replytocom links.

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How Replytocom Links Affect Your Blog?

Even if you have a basic idea of how SEO works these days, you should know that such links shouldn’t be part of Google search results. Different replytocom links may carry the same content over and over again with a slight change in their URL structure, which creates an impression that you have posted plagiarized content on your blog. Due to this fact, Google stops sending traffic to your blog and also reduces your search engine ranking.

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Recently when I was with one of my blogger friends, I came to know that he lost almost 40% of his daily traffic due to replytocom links. He’s not the only one who got affected. Harsh from Shoutmeloud.com also stated how replytocom links took a toll on his search engine traffic.
If you don’t take care of this issue, you may be the next victim of replytocom links issue.

How To Fix Replytocom Links In Google Webmaster Tool?

You can manually fix replytocom links in Google Webmaster tool to do away with any chance of them affecting your search engine ranking. Follow these steps to fix replytocom links-

  • Login to Google Webmaster tool
  • Go to Site Dashboard (first option from top left corner)
  • Select Crawl and then URL Parameters
  • Click on ‘edit replytocom parameter’ option
  • Do as suggested in the image below

Replytocom links

Once you are done with all the steps, click on ‘Save’ button. That’s it. Google may take some time to deindex all the replytocom links (if any), but it will certainly do the job for you. I would suggest you not to play around with Robots.txt file to knock out replytocom links as it may cause problems when Google crawls your blog next time.
Let me know in case you face any problem while deindexing replytocom links.

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  • Thanks Bhupendra for sharing this in Step by Step guide.

    I tried to edit replytocom, using the given steps. I am able to go through till these steps:

    Login to Google Webmaster tool
    Go to Site Dashboard (first option from top left corner)
    Select Crawl and then URL Parameters

    I am not able to find:

    Click on ‘edit replytocom parameter’ option

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