5 Brilliant Tips For New Bloggers To Increase Productivity And Get Desired Results

The biggest challenge for most of the new bloggers is to maintain the zeal that pushed them to start a blog in the first place. They may have real knowledge, possess good writing skills and can do in-depth research, yet fail to achieve desired results. If you are going through such phase and finding it difficult to live up to your own expectations, pay heed to these 5 brilliant tips for new bloggers and increase your productivity-

Plan In Advance

Have you ever heard of any business becoming successful without proper planning? If others haven’t, how will you? You can have a casual approach towards your blog if blogging isn’t your passion, and you don’t want to make your blog appear on the first page of Google Search. But if you are even 1% inclined to transform it into a brand, start planning.

5 Brilliant Tips For New Bloggers
Importance of Planning For Bloggers

Plan your week in advance. “Live Life As It Comes” approach doesn’t work in blogging, at least not for a young and ambitious blogger like you. Sit back on every Saturday evening or Sunday morning and prepare a list of topics that you will cover in the next week. Search for the targeted Keywords that can be used in each of these posts. Follow this list, come what may.

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Divide your blogging schedule into multiple activities, such as (i) writing (ii) editing and (iii) social media promotion. Once you do this, you get a clear idea of your preferences. Write unique content, edit it in the best way possible and promote it on social media so that others can read. Follow step 1 –> 2—> 3 without any failure. You can’t just rely on social media promotion alone to get page views, and the same thing applies to content creation as well. Writing and promotion should go hand in hand to get the best results.


Do you know most of the bloggers fail because they don’t devote enough time to the content creation. They are so worried about the social media promotion that they forget content is the king. Should you want to be a successful blogger, focus primarily on content creation. Use tools like Evergreen Post Tweeter, Tweriod, Windows Live Writer, Grammarly, etc. to save your time and efforts. Once you set up these free tools, blogging will become a lot easier than how it seems now.

Set Goals & Achieve Them

Most of the bloggers think that targets are for day jobs, and not for blogging. Wrong. If you want to make your blog a brand that others can look up to, set goals and work hard to achieve them. Lest you are new to this field, you can have goals regarding monthly blog posts, social media followers, page views and readers’ comments. Whatever target you have in mind, write that on a piece of paper or Excel file. Review them on a daily basis and analyze your performance. Change your strategy if needed, but don’t give up on your goals and dreams.

Be Consistent

You can’t just write a post on Monday, get busy in your life for next few days and then again come back on Friday to write the next post. Until your blog starts getting views, you have to be consistent in terms of writing content, social media promotion and networking. The above mentioned Planning and Organizing steps will help you to be consistent. No matter if it’s your friend’s birthday or first-day first show of next Avenger Movie if you have planned a blog post for the day, stick to it. Your dream to become a successful blogger comes ahead of everything else in this world. It might seem harsh at first, but once you follow this routine for a few months, you will see the difference.

These are the five most followed steps by all the successful bloggers who have turned their blogs into multi-million dollar ventures. If they can do, so can you. Believe in yourself, follow these five tips and witness the change. Let me know your views in the comment section.

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