5 Compelling Tips To Monetize A Blog That Gets Under 2000 Visitors Per Day

Most youngsters start blogging to make money online quickly; however, only a few of them end up doing that. If you want to ensure that your name gets included in this very short list of successful bloggers who start making money right from day one, pay heed to these 5 compelling tips to monetize a blog that has less than 2000 visitors per day.

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Before going into details, let me clarify one thing. No blogger starts making money from day one (from his blog), but it doesn’t mean he can’t make money at all. If you are intelligent, out of the box thinker and committed to make money online, you can successfully do that. These 5 compelling tips to monetize a blog will help you along the way-

Start Offering Services As A Freelancer

I began blogging because I loved writing. I hope you also entered this field to nurture your writing skills and share your knowledge with others. If that is the case, then why not using those skills to pay your bills. This is one of the top 5 compelling tips to monetize a blog that you should pay a close heed.
At a time when competition in the market has touched all new heights, online presence has become an integral part of any business’ lifecycle. Companies need regular content to survive in this internet-led era. Although they have in-house branding team, they outsource content to reduce overall cost. That’s where you as a freelance writer can come in the picture.

5 Important Tips To Monetize A Blog
Earn $$$ As An Expert Freelance Writer

If you know the importance of proper grammar, understand any particular niche pretty well, and can maintain professionalism, earning anywhere between $300-$1000 on a monthly basis shouldn’t be a problem for you. As you spend more time in this industry, you can witness your earnings as a freelance blogger increase at a great pace.
There are many Facebook groups and job sites where you can find freelance writing jobs; however, the best way is to start promoting your expertise on your blog. Write top-quality content on your blog and share the link of your work with potential clients. Sooner or later you will find someone who’s ready to pay you to write for him in your free hours.

Offer Consultancy To Other Bloggers:

I am a lot better blogger today than what I was on my first day in this industry. Reason? Well, I made mistakes and learned from them. Congratulations if you have also made mistakes many times. Mistakes help you understand what needs to be avoided to have a smooth experience. If you have been blogging for at least three months on your personal WordPress blog, I believe you would have acquired certain skills and can help others set up a blog, choose a hosting service provider, select a responsive theme, create social media accounts and automate them. It’s second of 5 compelling tips to monetize a blog that you can’t afford to avoid.

Todd R. Tresidder changed the entire game for Gary Craig and helped him grow monthly cash flow ten times.
For you, it may be very easy to run a blog, but there are many who find it difficult because of lack of awareness and time. Reach out to such people and help them start their blogging journey. Quote a nominal amount, which they can afford and try to justify their investment in the best possible way.

Create And Sell Online Courses

The third of 5 compelling tips to monetize a blog is to create and sell online courses. Over a period, you may learn so many blogging tricks and tips about any particular niche that can help others. Rather than reaching out to clients to assist them with the help of these tips, you can create online courses and sell them. One example of online courses can be e-books. Write 20-50 page long e-books and sell them on your blog. Alternatively, you can sale on Amazon and other related platforms as well. The best thing about e-books is that you can price them according to your wish.
I personally know many bloggers who make hundreds of dollars as passive income from e-books sales. Stefan Pylarinos made over $1.1 million from Kindle publishing in the year 2015. Do you need any more reason to stop giving excuses and start making real money? Start today, and thank me later.

Help Businesses In Product Launch

One of the 5 compelling tips to monetize a blog is to help businesses in their product launch and make some quick money along the way. Most product launches fail because businesses have very limited reach. According to a report, 79% of leads that companies receive through various marketing activities, never convert into sales. To generate right leads, they often take bloggers’/social media influencers’ help to promote their products. If you have a decent presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you can tie up with such businesses and assist them launch their products. Most of the businesses may not pay you cash, but you receive products that are no less important. Give it a try and feel the difference.

Write Paid Reviews

If your blog represents a particular niche, such as technology, healthcare, lifestyle, etc. you can take paid reviews assignments from time to time and make some quick money.

5 Best Tips To Monetize A Blog
Paid Reviews

Every product/service provider wants to increase its online reach, and positive reviews can help it do that. These service providers contact various authoritative bloggers to review their products and give proper back links. You can focus on such assignments and make significant money on regular basis.


Even though it’s difficult to make money online, these 5 compelling tips to monetize a blog can help you do so in a hassle-free manner. Have you tried any of these ways on your blog to make money online? Share your experience with others in the comment box.

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