5 Link Building Tools For SEO You Should Start Using Immediately For Quality Back-Links

Do you dare to reach on top of search engine results and get listed on the first page of Google for your target keywords?

If you think so, you need to pay heed to many more things apart from just good quality content. In today’s time, when competition on the internet has touched all new heights, you need to have a full-proof SEO plan to rank high on search engines. One of the strategies that can help you with this is link building. In this guide, I will talk about 5 link building tools for SEO that you should start using immediately to get quality back-links. Before we get into details of link building tools for SEO, let’s understand what is link building process and why do you need to build backlinks?

What Is Link Building?

It’s crucial for you to understand the link building process and how can it be helpful for your business. In simple words, link building is a strategic SEO practice to receive regular link juice from external links. It’s of two types: White Hat Link Building and Black Hat Link Building.

Moz explains white hat strategies as those that carry low risk to execute and fall within Google/Bing webmaster guidelines. On the other hand, black hat link building strategies are those that seek to exploit search engine algorithms to rank any website higher than it deserves. Black hat tactics violate search engine guidelines and can put you in deep trouble.

Why Link Building Is Required?

It’s not easy to rank high on search engines; however, it’s not impossible, too. When you get backlinks from high authority sites, you send out a message to search engines that the content on your website is very much similar to other sites that carry high domain and social authority. When executed on a regular basis, this practice can establish your blog as an authoritative, trustworthy online property. I hope you understand what it means to earn search engine’s trust. If not, visit blogs like neilpatel.com, Huffingtonpost, Gov.uk, etc., and check how much traffic they get from search engines due to their high DA and trustworthiness.

Now that you have understood how important link building is for your website/blog, let’s focus on 5 link building tools for SEO that you should start using immediately.


It’s one of the most used link building tools for SEO in the world. Some of the primary features that BuzzStream offers include-

  • Users can send personalized messages for networking purposes to generate excellent real-time results.
  • Manage link building projects from start to end. Set reminders, build a contact list and execute multiple projects without any hassle.
  • Can be used by individuals, teams and companies.

Give it a try and experience how easily can you build backlinks for your blog.

Majestic SEO

What if I tell you that you can easily know how your competitors build backlinks? With Majestic SEO, you can simply enter your competitor’s URL in the search box and know its backlink profile within moments. Majestic SEO tells you everything about external backlinks, referring IPs, referring domains, referring subnets, backlink breakdown, backlink history, anchor text, etc. Feeling excited? Use Majestic SEO today and start building backlinks without any hassle.

Moz Open Site Explorer

No backlink guide can ever be completed without Moz Open Site Explorer. You can easily research backlinks, discover broken links and find new link building opportunities with this link building tool for SEO. Moz Open Site Explorer can help you with the current position of your site and various factors that can improve its backlinks.


There’s hardly any SEO expert who doesn’t know about Ahrefs. It’s one of the most accurate and largest databases of live backlinks and link building tools for SEO you would ever come across. Ahrefs offers six different tools to help you build links, such as-

  • Site Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Positions Explorer
  • Position Tracker
  • Ahrefs Alerts
  • Crawl Report

You can get a better idea of Ahrefs’ efficacy from the fact that whenever you or any of your competitor loses/gains any link, it notifies you via email so that you never lose a sight of your link building process.

SEO SpyGlass

It’s one of the best and easy to understand link building tools for SEO available on the market. SEO SpyGlass helps you in four ways:

  • Run regular link audit to find out any harmful link on your site and remove it instantly.
  • Find every backlink of your competitors.
  • Analyze each back link with the help of 50 unique factors
  • Reverse engineer the backlink strategy of your competitors.

Brands like GE, Microsoft, and HP use SEO SpyGlass for a reason. Give it a shot and you will never move away from SEO SpyGlass again.

These are top 5 link building tools for SEO that you should not sideline at any cost. Let me know if you use any other tool to build backlinks? If yes, how is your experience? Share your feedback in the comment section.

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