5 Social Media Tools That You Cannot Afford To Neglect

Did you know Twitter has over 320 million active users, whereas Linked In has over 414 million users? Did you know more than 1.55 billion users use Facebook every month?

You may already be aware of all these numbers and the fact that all the major companies are putting more and more funds into their social media campaigns, what you may not know is how you can capitalize on this social media transformation.

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You don’t need to worry if you have little or no idea of how to save time, money and efforts while promoting your business on various social media platforms. In this guide, we will discuss 5 social media tools that you can’t afford to shut eyes to.

Let’s start!


The first of the 5 social media tools that you should be using is Buffer. It allows you to schedule and post your content on different platforms in the easiest possible way.

5 social media tools - buffer

As of now, over two million people use Buffer to create a pipeline of various updates and schedule them in advance. If you think, sharing content on different platforms takes the maximum of your time, you should give it a try. With Buffer extension for Google Chrome, adding content to Buffer is as easy as updating your Facebook status. Sounds interesting? Give it a try.


5 Social Media Tools - Hootsuite

Over 10 million users, including 800 out of Fortune 1000 companies use Hootsuite for a reason. Not only does it allow you to post content on more than 35 social media platforms, but also provide proper analytics, collaboration and monitoring facilities to track the overall social media performance. I use it to manage Bloggersclan’s Instagram account, and I am pretty much happy with the results.

Evergreen Post Tweeter

We all know how important it is to engage with readers on Twitter. However, due to lack of time we fail to post continuous updates, which leads to user disengagement. If you are facing this issue and want to get rid of it immediately, Evergreen Post Tweeter is the best solution you can think of. Once installed on the blog, it automatically posts regular updates to your Twitter profile. Thanks to the hard work done by the developing team, you can select your favorite time and days of posting.


It’s like Buffer and Hootsuite but does more good to your business than you can imagine. While managing your Twitter account, Tweepi follows a three-step approach-

  • Find your target audience on Twitter
  • Engage with them by following, mentioning or adding them to a list
  • Take the Twitter promotion to all new levels by letting others know about your social media engagement.

If you want to be noticed widely on Twitter, start using Tweepi right away.


5 Social Media Tools: Buzzsumo

Many bloggers/internet marketers are often confused about what topic they should write on to get maximum views and user engagement. If this doubt sounds familiar, you should try Buzzsumo. It helps you find the content that’s trending on various social media platforms. With Buzzsumo, you don’t need to make any wild guess about what’s in demand and what’s not. It will do all the research for you.

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There’s a big difference between using social media to kill your time and using social media to expand your business. If you are concerned about the social media management of your business/ blog, these five tools can help you big time. Let me know if you have already been using any of these 5 social media tools? How’s your experience so far?

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