6 Advanced SEO Techniques to Get Better Ranking in 2018

Rankings can determine a lot many factors for a business online. From brand presence to product sales, they get affected if a website isn’t able to maintain its rankings across various search engines effectively. That’s why business owners across the globe give various advanced SEO techniques a shot in a hope to skyrocket the rankings of their website.

But the question is, do they work?

Not all advanced SEO techniques can provide fruitful results. However, giving up is no option. You need to ensure that the right techniques get implemented on your website to help it become more visible amidst its target audience. You may think that you’ll have to work through the trial and run process with every technique. But this is where you need to rein in your horses.

We spoke to the best SEO companies from Bangalore and compiled a list of six advanced SEO techniques to help your website get better rankings across all search engines effectively. So, let’s dive in.

The 6 Advanced SEO Techniques to Attain Rankings This 2018

Meta Descriptions Can Turntables in Your Favor!

Earlier, websites had less scope of defining their services to customers as their long meta descriptions were cut into half. The impact of shorter and less meaningful description affected their rankings later. To overcome the scenario, various websites had to redo the descriptions and even titles of the page again.

But in late 2017, Google ensured that sites no longer had to go through the drill of changing their site’s descriptions completely. They increased the character length of the description from 160 to 230. By taking this step, various websites were able to add more services in the description. This has helped websites to attract more visitors, therefore moving them one step ahead in improving their rankings.

Work Towards Improving Website Loading Time

How annoying it must be for website visitors to see that a site takes more than 40 secs to load. In a matter of 40 secs, they’d rather prefer to visit another site and seek services they’ve been searching for. But how long can a business suffice if it keeps on losing its customers like this?

At this point, you need to step in and work towards improving the loading time of your website. That’s because the lesser time your visitors will spend on navigating through a website, the better it will be for them to know your services and reach a conclusive decision.

Check your website’s loading speed here

Internal Linking Makes All the Difference

Another suggestion that experts tend to give website owners is to adopt the internal linking strategy to avoid excessive bounce rate. The strategy is easy to implement. All you have to do is link relevant internal links to your latest blog post or existing content on service pages.

In fact, this is an impactful strategy that helps to build a powerful structure for your internal blog. Your customers will keep returning to your website rather than leaving it as they read through the available content.

Include Keywords Relevant to Your Business

Keywords play a significant role in the ranking process. In case you haven’t got the right keywords in place, chances are that your site may never achieve the desired ranks in SERPs. But this can easily be avoided if the keywords match and support the services your business specializes in the offering.

Other than that, make sure that the keyword density of primary keyword in the content is kept according to the number of words written on the particular page.

Optimize Image Files At the Website

Naming the images online is a crucial factor that can’t be taken for granted. After all, the image name too plays a pivotal role in optimizing the site for better results in SERPs. So make sure that you do not name your images on the site randomly. It will be appreciated even further if they are named according to the service page where they’ll be added.

Make Your Website More Responsive

To make your website more responsive, it is important you learn to spot and rectify the common mistakes that can hamper the user experience on the website easily. Once you spot and work towards the issues, it’ll be easier to make the site responsive and provide more scope to visitors to explore the services at their ease. However, if you are not able to build a responsive site from the SEO perspective, then it is advisable to hire professional SEO services to stay ahead in the competitive ranking based market.

Bottom Line…

Adopting advanced SEO techniques can prove fruitful for your website. Not only will it help to boost its ranking in SERPs, but also assists to establish a strong and visible brand name in the market. These outcomes are directly related to getting more visitors (prospective buyers) on the site. Further, these leads have higher chances of converting into buyers.

So, do not go for the trial and test method when it comes to SEO techniques when the strategies mentioned above can help you get better rankings hassle-free.

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