Best Social Media Promotion Guide For Young Bloggers

You are a great writer, amazing researcher and excellent designer, yet your blog posts don’t get the attention they deserve. Have you asked yourself WHY?

Various reasons might restrict a website/blog’s reach; however, after discussing with many young bloggers I have realized that the unstructured social media promotion tactics do more damage than anything else. You may not be leaving any stone unturned in terms of writing high-quality content, but unless you spread the word and tell readers about your blog, how will they come to know about it?

Right social media promotion tactics can  help you make your blog post go viral. Lest you don’t know how to implement them effectively, this social media promotion guide can be of your use-

Networking With Influencers Is The Key

Many bloggers fail just because they don’t focus on strengthening their network. Don’t make this mistake if you want to be successful in blogging. You may be wondering why you need others’ help when you can manage everything from writing to promoting the blog posts on your own. Well, the answer is professional relationships make promotion easy and hassle-free.

Let’s assume that you somehow know an internet marketing influencer who has a total of 5 million followers on Twitter, 2.5 million on Facebook and a few lakh followers on Linked In. What if he agrees to share your blog posts occasionally? The traffic juice that your blog can get through this practice will be beyond your imagination.

A good relation with influencers can help you in many ways. So, don’t sideline this important social media promotion strategy at any cost.

Once you are convinced that influencers can play a key role in your blog’s success, the next million dollar question that arises is how can you expand your network and build good relations with social media influencers. Here’s a tip that works every time-

Build Relations With Key-Influencers And Readers

Building relations with those who have already tasted some success in blogging and internet marketing can have limitless positive impacts on your blogging career. So, focus on expanding your network right from the first day.

You can start with reading their blogs and commenting on them regularly. Not to mention, you shouldn’t look to share links in the comment section of their blogs as it will most probably ruin the core objective of this exercise, which is but to build professional relations with them and enter their inner circle.

In addition to this, give a proper response to every comment on your blog. Readers are as important as key-influencers. Experts claim that people who comment on your blog are 294% likely to share it in their social media circle. <Link Here>

How To Cover An Extra Mile For Networking With Influencers 

We have understood the importance of networking with social media influencers and reader groups. Many bloggers know this fact, but they don’t know the right strategy to forge ahead. One way can be email outreach. Yes, you read it right. If you get the official email ids of these social media influencers, you can try your luck and send them an official mail to introduce yourself and your brand. Who knows if they get impressed and see value in your blog, they may agree to share it on their fan page.

Before we go into details and know how to find email ids, let’s try to understand how Buzzsumo can help you find right influencers in a matter of few clicks.

Buzzsumo is probably the best platform through which you can quickly find the articles and blogs related to your niche that are trending on the web. It gives you an idea of how other articles related to the topic you want to cover are performing on the web. Additionally, it helps you locate the influencers who keep on sharing valuable content on various social media platforms and make them go viral.

Let’s say you search for the web content related to keyword “social media promotion” on Buzzsumo. Once you put this keyword in search box and press enter, you can see a list of articles related to “social media promotion ” that are trending on the web.

Networking and social media promotion through Buzzsumo

Here you can see multiple options such as view backlinks, view shares, and share. You can click on the ‘view share’ option and check who all have shared that particular article on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linked In. Alternatively, you can select ‘Amplification’ tab and directly get a list of social media influencers who have shared content related to ‘social media promotion’ on various platforms.

Social Media Promotion Tactics: Networking With Twitter Influencers Through Buzzsumo
Twitter Influencers On Buzzsumo

If you are going to write a blog post related to social media promotion, you can approach these influencers and hope that they will share your blog post, too. By default, their Twitter IDs are given in the Buzzsumo list, so you can easily connect with them without any hassle.

Not to mention, Buzzsumo is a paid service, but you can try its 14-day trial and feel the change. Lest you are already making money out of your blog, investing a few dollars in Buzzsumo shouldn’t be a bad idea. You may not understand its value at this point, but it can prove to be a game-changer for your social media promotion campaigns in the long run.

Coming back to Email outreaching strategy; if your budget allows, you can go onto search personal/official mail ids of these social media influencers by using a paid service called Mechanical Turk. The investment wouldn’t be something that you can’t afford. Moreover, it’s worth spending money on a service like that.

Social Media Promotion: Mechanical Turk
Mechanical Turk

Once you have collected their mail IDs, you can draft a formal mail and introduce yourself and your blog. Your mail body may look similar to this example-

Social Media Promotion via email outreaching: Sample Email For Key-Influencers
Sample Email

Even though the odds of getting replies from all the social media influencers are very less, if a few of them reply, it will serve the purpose.

Twitter Live And Google Alerts

Another way of locating relevant content and connecting with social media influencers on the web can be ‘Twitter Live’ and ‘Google Alerts.’ These terms may sound alien to you at this moment, but as you read this post, you will realize you were always aware of them. Going with the above example of social media promotion keyword, when you type #Socialmediapromotion in the Twitter search box, you may get results like this-

How To Find Key Content On Twitter via Twitter Live
Twitter Live

Select the Live option and see who all have shared the content related to social media promotion on Twitter recently. You can follow these influencers and tweet or DM them to inform that you also have something that might be of their interest.

Similar to Twitter Live, Google also offers Google Alerts service that you can use and find web content similar to yours. When you type any keyword in the search box area, Google will show you other blogs/websites that have published content similar to that keyword. You can browse those sites, post comments and try to expand your network. You can also create an alert and stay informed whenever any new web content related to given keyword is published and shared widely.

Paid Social Media Promotion

Most of the tactics mentioned above are for those who have a tight budget and can’t afford to spend money on social media promotion campaigns. Lest you are already making money out of your blog, you can take the paid social media promotion services from Facebook, Google, Linked In and Twitter to acquire readers. Around 4.5% bloggers use paid promotion services to bring traffic to their blogs; you can choose to be one of them.

Email Marketing

If you stick to producing good quality content on a regular basis, more and more people will subscribe to your blog over time. When you have enough Email IDs in your database, start doing email marketing. While doing so, keep your focus intact on writing short emails with eye-catching subject lines that can drive readers to your blog.


If you have just started your journey in the blogging world, you might not be aware of different tactics to be used for social media promotion and networking with key influencers. We have discussed a handful of strategies here, which if consistently followed, can show you amazing results.

Which all social media promotion strategies do you use and how’s your experience so far?

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