Best WordPress Social Media Follow Buttons For Your Blog

Putting perfect WordPress social media follow buttons on your blog can be the first step towards prompting readers to connect with your business on various social media platforms. If you are not sure which one is good to go, here is a short guide that will help you in making the final call. Before we go into details, let’s understand the importance of WordPress social media follow buttons on your blog and where they should be placed.

Placement of WordPress Social Media Follow Buttons

The WordPress social media follow buttons on your blog carry as much importance as writing good quality content does. Think from a reader’s perspective and then put the social media follow buttons to a place where they’re clearly visible and can prompt the users to click on them right away. The best practice can be to put them on the sidebars, just like the below-mentioned example-

Best Social Media Follow Buttons for your blog
Social Media Follow Buttons on sidebar

Another option can be to put the WordPress social media follow buttons above the content similar to this example-

Social Media Follow Buttons In Header
Social Media Follow Buttons

You can find many bloggers placing WordPress social media follow buttons in the footer area. Although there’s nothing wrong in that, you can always hope for more clicks when these buttons are placed in the sidebar or above the content. On a busy day readers may find your content intriguing and want to follow your social media page, but don’t have enough time to finish the article until the last word. By placing WordPress social media follow buttons in the sidebar or right above the content, you can easily lure them to click.

Best WordPress Social Media Follow Buttons

Now when we have understood how the placement of WordPress social media follow buttons can affect user engagement, the next important question is which WordPress social media follow button should we use. Here are a few suggestions that you can try-


Best Social Media Follow Button: Monarch

If you are generating decent revenue from your blog, you can give Monarch a try. It’s one of the most sought after social media follow & share buttons in the market. What gives it an edge over others is its elegant looks, easy configuration and responsive feature. However, if you are new to blogging, its price ($89) may seem a little too much to afford. Nonetheless, you can click here and know more about Monarch.

WP Flat Social Profile Blocks

Best Social Media follow buttons: WP Social Media Plugin
WP Social Media Plugin

Should you want to place a large and eye-catching social media follow button on the sidebar of your blog hoping that they will lead to better user engagement, WP Flat Social Profile Blocks can be an ideal option for you. Considering the reviews of other experts, its price ($14) is worth the investment.

WP MashSocial Widget

Best Social Media Follow Buttons: WP MashSocial Wigdet
WP MashSocial Wigdet

Finally, a free plug-in that delivers great results. If you don’t want to spend any money on social media follow plugins, you can go for WP MashSocial Widget. At zero cost, you can hardly find a better plug-in than WP MashSocial. Download it from here.

Closing Remarks 

Many social media follow and share widgets give the option to show total likes/followers of your business page on Facebook, Linked In, Google Plus and Twitter. Unless you have a minimum of few hundred likes/followers, don’t switch on this feature. Additionally, go for the social media follow buttons that let the users take action within the blog itself i.e. don’t redirect to the social media page.

I found these buttons good enough to start with. You can share your feedback, opinion or suggestion about these plug-ins. Which social media follow buttons do you use?

4 thoughts on “Best WordPress Social Media Follow Buttons For Your Blog”

  1. Nice overview of the best WordPress social media follow buttons, thanks for that. I found some new useful tools like Monarch, to optimize my social traffic. It’s also a tool for social media sharing, but have you heard of Blog2Social? I would strongly recommend it, because it really makes my blogging life much easier. I’m using it, because you can schedule and customize your posts individually for each network and then send them automatically to all of your networks in one easy step. That’s helpful to save valuable time.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Monarch is indeed a good plugin. Well, I haven’t used Blog2Social yet. Will surely give it a try.


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