Blogging in the Viral Age: Awesome Ways To Tip the Scales in Your Favor

With a quick development of social media platforms and therefore new emerging ways of sharing content, you now have an amazing opportunity to get your opinions and thoughts out there. But the important thing is – you need to know the way to do it before someone else jumps onto the current hot topic.

A good example for you is when the new iPhone comes out, everybody is waiting for reviews, crash tests, new iOS features, tips and tricks on saving battery life etc.

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An example I like to show a lot is this video of Casey Neistat’s tour of a crazy expensive airplane seat. How many of us get opportunities like this? How many of us would love to travel like this? You can see for yourself, so many people are curious what’s like to be rich. Of course they’re going to click on a video. I wanted to share this example even though making video content is different from actual blogging since I believe many bloggers can learn a lot from it.

Everyone likes being ahead of the game and share innovative things only a few people know so far. When people see a post on new trends or a review of a new product entering the market, they will be thrilled to share this info on their news feeds. Deconstructing information that has been unclear before, interesting facts about the release of new software or long awaited app is pretty good as well. Whatever you write about, try not to be boring but also don’t try reinventing the wheel. It’s all about keeping the balance.

Spend Ample Time In Research 

If you want to create content that has a potential to go viral, you first need to see how other people do it. It’s always good to do some digging and find successful viral campaigns to borrow the most interesting and effective things from them and avoid making mistakes they’ve made. The good thing about studying your competitors is that it can give you new ideas which best suit your particular area and save a lot of time you would have spent starting from scratch.

Of course, you’ll need to process a lot of your competitor’s data – from SEO to social media, but this is the cost of making popular content.

Focus On Creating Visual content

Always include high-quality pictures into your posts as they are more visually appealing and therefore better shared. People these days don’t like to read, so often photo collections get more shares than the most amazing articles. Don’t be afraid to publish blog posts without a text. Of course, content matters today, but some posts practically don’t need words: it can be collections of the best web design mock-ups of the year or the most creative logos. Such posts tend to go viral really fast. Companies like LogoOrbit can help you in this regard.

In fact, instead of images, you can add infographics to your article or even post them instead of articles. People adore them, especially now when they are too busy to read long posts. If your infographics are well-designed and informative, they will definitely do well.

The same goes for videos. People love emotions and by adding related videos to your posts you will keep your readers engaged and entertained. What more you could possibly want?

People are more likely to share videos that make them laugh, but it really depends on your blog’s niche. You can also compliment your article with a video on the topic for your readers to dive more into the topic they’ve just read about or share tutorials or recorded webinars.

Write Catchy titles

Writing a useful blog post is half the work, but the title requires thorough attention too. First of all, posts with generic titles get much less attention than intriguing ones, obviously. Your blog title is what people see first so there should be some mystery in it so that readers are thrilled to open the post and then share it. Titles with number tend to do very well. One more thing to keep in mind is to avoid so-called clickbait approach. Clickbait is essential when you put an intriguing title which does not correlate with the article content. Respect your readers and make sure your titles are accurate to your content.

Promote your blog content to the right people

Expecting your content to go viral when you are just sharing it on social media is a daunting job. You might have a lot of followers and friends on your list, but they will unlikely be interested if you’re writing about electric chainsaws if they prefer knitting.

In conclusion, an important thing to remember is – don’t try too hard to make all your content go viral. Write what you like to write and provide useful information to people, but at the same time don’t miss out on viral opportunities.

Keeping the balance is key to success.

Note: This guest post was written by Kevin McNamara from ThrivingWriter

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  1. Viral content is the key to blog in viral age , catchy title itself deliver the impression to user to click on it. if right amount of content is provided on the similar article then users engagement can be tremendously increased , Images and Video also play a vital role in making site viral on social media.


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