The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Blog Promotion & Backlink Generation With The Help Of Blog Aggregators

Do you know why most bloggers fail and quit blogging within one year? Even though they write well, they have little or no idea of how best blog aggregators can help them in blog promotion and high quality backlinks creation, which ruin their dreams and a potential blogging career. Remember one thing, if you want to excel as a blogger, you need to learn search engine optimization tips and work hard towards promoting your blog & generating high quality backlinks free consistently.
By the time you finish this guide, you will learn three important facts:

  • How can blog promotion help generate high traffic?
  •  Why should you focus on creating high quality backlinks free among other search engine optimization tips from day one?
  • Which are some of the best blog aggregators and how can they help you with (A) blog promotion and (B) high quality backlinks free?

Before we get into details, let me tell you one important fact. You must have heard the term “Content Is King” over and over again. It made complete sense in the past, but in today’s competitive world when hundreds of new blogs are being created every month, you can’t ride on the back of the king aka content alone to rank on the first page of search engines.
In order to win this ranking battle you need to learn some of the best search engine optimization tips, such as generating high quality backlinks free and doing proper blog promotion.

What if your blog continues to garner traffic juice with the help of high quality backlinks free even when you are not working? Isn’t it interesting? Well, the best blog aggregators mentioned below can do that for you.

best blog aggregators that you should focus on
Blog Aggregators

What Are The Best Blog Aggregators At Present?

Just like you post regular updates on your blog, many websites post third-party content on their platforms. These sites are called blog aggregators. They work on a win-win formula in which they generate traffic from search engines and pass some of that traffic juice to third party blogs by giving them high quality backlinks free.

It may seem difficult for you to imagine at this point as how much traffic juice can you get if your blog is listed on some of these best blog aggregators, but if you give it a try, you will definitely cherish this decision for the rest of your life. The funny thing is you don’t need to pay attention to search engine optimization tips to generate high quality backlinks free if you focus on these best blog aggregators websites.

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The best blog aggregators can give you high quality backlinks free and promote your blog round the clock on their own. You may be struggling to make a name for yourself initially, but these best blog aggregators already have a huge client-base. You can generate significant traffic out of these best blog aggregators’ readership without any extraordinary effort and search engine optimization tips.

I hope you got the point. Now that you have understood this million dollar secret, let me share with you some of the best blog aggregators on which you can list your blog and generate thousands of extra views every month without worrying about search engine optimization tips.


It’s probably one of the best blog aggregators available in today’s time. Getting high quality backlinks free from ALLTOP is every blogger’s dream, but how many end up living that dream is a big question mark. If you think that life has treated you on merit up till now, try to list your blog on ALLTOP. I don’t want to put a damper on your hopes, but the truth is getting high quality backlinks free from ALLTOP is extremely difficult. However, this fact shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try. All you have to do is visit ALLTOP, find ‘Submissions’ button at the bottom and follow the process.

2. Reddit

Founded in the year 2005, Reddit is one of the best blog aggregators and claims to generate over one billion page views every month. What better reason do you need to give it a try? The submission process may seem alien to you in the starting, but as you stick around for some time you will muddle through easily. As long as Reddit feels that the content written by you can add value to its community members, it will continue to bypass significant traffic to your blog in the form of high quality backlinks free. However, you have to work hard to earn that level of trust.


The third on the list of the best blog aggregators is BLOGARAMA. It can point high quality backlinks free to your blog on regular basis. The submission process at Blogarama is quite easy and hassle-free. They have a broad range of categories to choose from and often reply within a couple of days. If you write genuine content, know basic search engine optimization tips, consider plagiarism as a sin and follow Google webmaster instructions properly, you can easily get listed on Blogarama.

4. Google News

Lest you run a news blog, you can’t find a better platform to get high quality backlinks free than Google News. From tech to finance, there are different verticals which earn it a significant place among the best blog aggregators in the world. In order to avoid rejection, it’s recommended to focus on writing high-quality content, learn basic search engine optimization tips and have at least 100-120 news on your blog before you contact Google News for submission.


The last in the list of the best blog aggregators is Blogrific. Although it’s new to blog aggregation field as compared to other four, you can give it a try for one specific reason. While the others have hundreds of blogs listed on their home page, the competition on Blogrific is very less. By focusing on the content quality and submission frequency, you can easily grab the top spot in a specific niche category and attract regular high quality backlinks free.
So what are you waiting for? Don’t limit yourself just to social media and search engine optimization tips to attract regular traffic. Approach these best blog aggregators and enjoy regular traffic juice in the form of high quality backlinks free without any additional effort. Let me know if I have missed any platform that according to you is as popular as the best blog aggregators mentioned here.

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