How To Generate Sitemap And Submit It To Google Search Console

Most of the newbies aren’t aware of how Google Search works. They think that they have to pay Google a certain amount of Fees to get listed, which is but a misconception. If you have just started blogging, you don’t need to worry about how to get listed in Google search results as long as you tend to help Google find your blog. This is true! When your blog is new and doesn’t have a good DA score, you’ll have to help the search engine to locate it. You can do so by submitting your blog’s sitemap to Google Search Console.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what’s sitemap and how you can submit it to Google Search Console in a hassle-free way.

What Is A Sitemap?

A sitemap is but an XML file that comprises of all the URLs of your blog. With the help of this XML file, crawlers can quickly locate all the URLs of your blog. You can generate sitemap for your blog from time to time and submit it to Google Search Console to ensure that search engine bots make it visible to readers.

If you run a non-WordPress blog, you can manually create the sitemap and submit it to the webmaster tools offered by Bing and Google. WordPress, on the other hand, provides a number of plug-ins that you can install on your blog to ensure that they keep updating the sitemap as and when you create a new blog post. This way, you don’t have to submit your blog’s sitemap every time a new article is published.

Many experts, including Harsh Agarwal from ShoutMeLoud, advise to put the sitemap file in the footer of the blog, so that whenever search engine bots decide to crawl, they can find all the details at one single place. I have personally tried it, and I must say results are impressive.

How To Generate Sitemap For Your WordPress Blog

There are multiple tools through which you can generate the sitemap for your blog and submit it to search engine bots. You can install a WordPress plug-in called Sitemap Generator and use it to generate sitemaps manually at regular intervals. As soon as you install this plug-in, you can find it in the left side portion of your blog’s Dashboard.

How to generate sitemap for your blog
Sitemap Generator

You can click on the “Generate Your Sitemap” option and get things done with a click of your mouse. As soon as the process is finished, you can select “Show the sitemap” and have a look at the sitemap.

How to create sitemap for your blog

Alternatively, you can also download Yoast SEO and automate the procedure to generate the sitemap for your blog. For the purpose of this post, I am assuming that you already know how to create sitemap using Yoast SEO.

How To Submit Sitemap To Google Search Console

You have come half way by generating the sitemap for your blog. The next important step is to submit it to Google Search Console so that Google can crawl your blog and index the URLs. For that, you need to login to Google Webmasters and add your blog. Once you do that, you can see a window like this-

How to submit sitemap to Google Search Console
Google Search Console

Click on your blog’s URL and select Crawl option from the left sidebar. Here you can find an option called “Sitemaps.” Click on this option, and select the ADD/TEST SITEMAP option.

How to submit sitemap for your blog

Type sitemap.xml in the space provided in the box and click on Submit Sitemap. Done !


Sitemap submission is the best and easiest way to get indexed on Google. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily create and submit the sitemap for your blog to Google Search Console in a hassle-free way. Please comment below in case you have any doubts, feedback or suggestions regarding this post.

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  1. Good one Bhupendra & you made it easy to understand the sitemap & usefulness of it. I prefer using Sitemap feature of Yoast SEO plugin as it will help in lowering down one plugin..

    • I am glad you responded. As I am still going through the initial phase, I have installed both. However, as the number of links will soon go past 500, I will have to eliminate the sitemap generator and stick to Yoast. It’s undoubtedly one of the best plug-ins in the market.


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