Idea of A Perfect Vacation From A Blogger’s Point of View

Vacations are meant to give you a break from routine life. On a day-to-day basis, you have to deal with clients, look after your business expansion, industry tie-ups, vendors and a hell lot of issues, which leave you exhausted. A vacation can help you reinvigorate yourself and lead a successful professional life. This post depicts the idea of a perfect vacation from a blogger’s point of view and how they can turn their vacations into ideal yatra-

My Ideal Yatra

Although I have been to many places this year, I’d call my recent trip to Mumbai an ideal yatra. I had a superb experience throughout the journey and met with some wonderful people. Here’s how it went –

Mode of Traveling

I like traveling by trains or domestic flights. This time, I chose to fly due to heavy discounts and extra reward points available on my credit card. I left for Mumbai on July 8, 2016. Morning flights are always fun to catch, and my 9 am Indigo flight was no exception. I had a good time in flight and reached Mumbai at 10.40 am.

Those Few Days In Mumbai

This time, I had a tight schedule, so only “me time” available was post 9-10 in the night. For any other city, it could be a little late to go outside, especially when you’re new to it, but Mumbai is different. It’s the city that doesn’t sleep ever. I along with 2 of my friends tasted every street food of the Mumbai like never before.

I chose to stay in Vile Parle area as it’s just 30 minutes away from Airport. Moreover, it’s quite close to famous Juhu beach. After long and exhausted client meetings, we used to head to Juhu beach, Band Stand, and sometimes to the other side of the city – Marine Drive. I stayed in Mumbai for 4 days, and I can proudly say that those were some of the best days I had spent in recent past. The walk by Juhu Beach, late night tea at Marine Drive, spending time at Sea Worli link during rains, and many more memories will continue to cherish me for a long time.

Based on my experience I can tell you one thing – Mumbai is full of opportunities. If you’re committed to achieving your goal, you can find many inspirations around you.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got to meet a few of your favorite stars from small screen and Bollywood. It was regarding an upcoming project of mine. I will soon unveil all the details, interviews and some untold stories of people you have always loved !

How You Can Experience An Ideal Yatra?

If you’re a blogger or an internet entrepreneur for that matter, you should understand one thing. This lifestyle can be super exciting and super depressing. It’s in your hand to live a life that you are proud of. Occasional travelling can help you do that.

Check out these points to convert each of your journey into an unforgettable experience, an Ideal Yatra that will keep cherishing you for many months-

Ideal Location For Your Vacation

The dot com (.com) lifestyle can be disturbing at times. Therefore, choose a location that’s close to nature. Any hill station or remote area with lots of greenery would be the best choice. It will not only keep you at peace but also inspire you to think creative, something all bloggers and writers crave for. So, pay attention at the time of choosing a location for your next vacation.

What Amenities Should Your Hotel or Guest House Have?

Basic amenities include a room with good ventilation, power backup and proper connectivity with national highway. However, bloggers require one more thing – excellent internet connection. It’s okay if your place of stay doesn’t have a swimming pool or ultramodern bathroom, as long as it can provide you good ambience, peaceful atmosphere and uninterrupted internet connectivity, you shouldn’t mind giving it a try.

Mode of Travel                      

There are different ways of travel – road, train and air. I am fond of last two – train and air. While an overnight journey in a train gives me extra few hours to finish the book that I’m currently reading, flights ensure that I don’t miss out any important meeting due to time constraint. Thanks to the increased competition, air fares have come down drastically in the last couple of years.

If you’re on tight budget and have decent amount of time for yourself, you can opt for an overnight train journey and enjoy your “me-time” reading a good book without any hassle.

Ideal Time For Vacations

If you’re a travel freak, then there’s no ideal time for you to pack begs and start a vacation. You can leave for a vacation as and when you want. However, given the unpredictable weather conditions in the country, the best time to go out is March-April and September-November. During these few months, you won’t have to face excessive rain, winter and summer; therefore, they are ideal for backpackers and wanderers.

Perfect Food Combination For Next Vacation

There’s no such term as perfect food combination. When you decide to go on sojourn in an unfamiliar location, don’t miss out the local food. You’re here to collect memories and not things, and having local dish with local people will help you do that.

Remember one thing- your Ideal Yatra should give you a chance to feel free from the routine life tensions, collect new experiences, spend time with your loved ones, analyze your life and make new friends. If you keep a note of the points mentioned above, you can do all these things and turn each of your vacation into an ideal yatra. What do you think of a perfect vacation from a blogger’s point of view? Share your views in the comment section.

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  1. Very nice place i must say, also a very clean blog design. keep up the work.
    I will be pleased if you also check my blog. thanks 🙂

    • Hello Abhishek,
      I agree that internet is important. But sometimes when we want to break free from the routine life, such places with no hustle and bustle like cities can come handy. I’ve done that many times in the past. It worked for me. I’d suggest you to travel to any place that does not have any internet connection; just nature & you. Even if you stay there for 24 hours, you’ll feel the difference. Try it once and share your experience.


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