Infolinks Review: Why You Should Switch To Infolinks Right Away

When I first applied for Google Adsense on one of my blogs back in 2012, Google took almost two months to approve my account. This is the story of nearly all the bloggers who bank on Google Adsense to make money online. If you happen to be a blogger and want to monetize your blog effectively, you should seek for Adsense alternatives. Out of all the ad networks that can fill in for Google Adsense, one that has caught my eyes most is Infolinks.

“Infolinks Does Everything Similar To Google Adsense, But A Little Faster.”

If you are actively looking forward to monetizing your blog, you can’t afford to shut eyes to Infolinks at any cost. In this detailed Infolinks review, I will explain why you should give Infolinks a try and how you can bring maximum out of it. But before we move onto the Infolinks review, let’s figure out whether you can use Infolinks along with Adsense.

Infolinks Review: Best Alternative To Google Adsense

Can You Use Infolinks With Adsense?

Perhaps one of the most asked questions in the blogging world. I come across many young bloggers who have doubts about using Infolinks with Adsense. Let’s get rid of this confusion once and for all. You can use Infolinks along with Google Adsense without any hassle. As long as ads shown in Infolinks don’t cover ads shown by Adsense, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Who Should Try Infolinks?

Infolinks is not for everyone to try. You should only apply for Infolinks, if

  1. Your blog gets huge traffic
  2. Maximum of your audiences come from countries like US & UK.

There’s no hard and fast rule for trying Infolinks. Even if you don’t meet both or any one of the conditions mentioned above, you can sign up for Infolinks. However, if both these conditions are met, chances of you making a sustainable income from Infolinks are very high.

How To Integrate Infolinks On Your Blog

Unlike the hassled and lengthy procedure that Google follows before approving your account, Infolinks keeps it simple. Here is what you should do-

  • Create an account on Infolinks website. Infolinks will review your blog and revert you in next 2-5 days with final confirmation and a step-by-step guide for further integration.
  • Once you get the confirmation, login to your account and select ‘Integrate’ option. As per your site’s platform (WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla), choose the right option and download Infolinks plug-in.
  • Upload this plug-in to your blog’s plugin directory and activate it. That’s It.

The integration won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Earlier, bloggers had to paste the Infolinks’ JavaScript on their blog’s code to complete the integration, but now they can simply use the plug-in and enjoy all the benefits. A huge relief for those who have little or no idea of how coding works.

Once you finish the integration, Infolinks will start showing ads on your blog within 20-30 minutes.

Customization of Your Ads

Infolinks has a handful of options to maximize your revenues, so the ones that fit the bill. As of now it offers in-text, in-fold, in-tag, in-frame, in-screen and in-article (beta) ads. Depending on your requirements and preferences, you can customize the Infolinks ads and start earning from day one.

Earning Potential

The sky is the limit. You can earn as much as you wish, so there’s nothing that can stop you from fulfilling your dreams and live a debt-free life. The minimum payout is $50, which is paid to you within the 45 days from the end of any month.

Earnings Reports                                                                                        

In your account, you can check your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly earnings report and strategize ads placement accordingly. If you wish, you can also register for email updates and allow Infolinks to send you regular updates.

Payment Method

There are multiple payment methods available for you, such as-

  • PayPal – For everyone
  • Bank Wire Transfers – $50 plus 2% to receive your payment via your local currency
  • eCheck – $6 plus 2% for currency conversion
  • ACH and Payoneer – No fees
  • Western Union – $15 minimum

Customer Support

Infolinks provides excellent customer support service. In case you face any issue while integrating ads or creating the account, you can send a mail to their customer support team, and get your query resolved within a few hours time.

Sign-up For Infolinks

If you want to make $$$ from your blog, Infolinks is the perfect platform to start with. Click on the sign-up link and become free from financial liabilities. Please comment below if you have any confusion, feedback or suggestion regarding this Infolinks review.

8 thoughts on “Infolinks Review: Why You Should Switch To Infolinks Right Away”

  1. Hello,

    I am Shanaya, just recently got started my career in blogging and I am still looking for adsense approval, but in the mean time, I want to earn some bucks, if I can, I recently checked about many adsense alternatives, and found that Infolinks can be a good choice, but I have few queries,

    Whether Infolinks works well with sports blog? as I am a sports journalist and now, started few sports blogs.

    If yes, then, How much I will be able to earn?

    Looking for Quick response.

    • Hi Shanaya,
      If you have recently started your blog, then I would suggest you not to focus on money at this point. Write good content, share across various social media platforms, build your email list and increase daily views on your blog. Once the traffic increases, you can focus on monetization.
      About Infolinks: It works well with all niches. As long as your blog’s getting high-traffic on daily basis, you can use Infolinks to earn some quick money. Since I don’t know your blog’s age, daily views-count and social media metrics, I can’t comment on earning potential. All I can say is “Sky is the limit” for earnings in blogging field. So focus on writing quality content, on-page, off-page SEO and social media promotion, everything else will fall in line gradually. Hope your query is addressed 🙂

  2. Hi Bhunpendra!
    Great review, thanks for these valuable informations about infolinks, its really the best adsense aternative.

  3. Mr. Sharma I’m using Infolinks from a few months but the problem is they are publishing only few company ads like Facebook. I’m telling about link ads. People become well known about this kind of links and don’t click anymore. On the other hand current new ads looks spammy. I’m telling about their sidebar and footer ads. Do you agree ?

  4. Hey Bhupendra,

    Great Review, but I have few questions in my mind after reading this.

    I want to know, whether Infolinks is good for small blogs or sites having visitors around 4-5k monthly?

    Will it work converting those visitors into some secondary income or I am also thinking about using CPA network?

    Which should I use for best secondary income? CPA or InfoLinks?

    • Hi Brenda,

      Infolinks works well with blogs getting huge traffic, so I think it won’t be a wise decision to go with Infolinks if your blog is getting 4-5K monthly visitors. When it comes to passive income, I believe if you have good hands on experience, then CPA can be a better option in this case. Hope it clears your doubt.


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