Investshield- A New Investment Plan by CHOICE Life Insurance

There’s nothing certain in life. Today you are doing well, but tomorrow… who knows? The best way to get rid of this uncertainty is to keep investing a part of your earning in such a way that it doesn’t only grow with time, but also safeguard your family’s future in case of any unexpected event. Investshield is one such plan that promises both- good returns and financial security.

Launched by CHOICE Life Insurance, Investshield is a saving plan that promises to provide you freedom to chase your dreams and a lifetime of financial security for your loved ones. It won’t be wrong in saying that with Investshield, you can go after your dreams without worrying about your family’s future.

Most of the insurance plans carry a hassled documentation and payment procedure, due to which people don’t get the option to customize their policies as per their needs. The case with the new Investshield plan is completely different. It allows you to customize your insurance plan in such a way that you can fulfill all your dreams and protect your family’s future at the same time.

There are three primary options available for all the applicants –

  • Life Option,
  • Life Option with Premium Funding Benefit (PFB), and
  • Life Option with Accidental Death Benefit (ADB).

You can choose any of these options based on your requirements. The minimum age to enter in this plan is 18 year, and the maximum age is 50 years. All the applicants are required to pay a minimum of three months’ premium in advance at the time of buying the Investshield plan.

The best thing about this plan is partial withdraw facility. Unlike most other insurance plans, Investshield allows you to withdraw funds after completion of first five years without surrendering your policy. Yes, you read it right. You don’t have to surrender your policy to withdraw your money in case of any emergency. Another good thing about Investshield is its tax benefit. The money invested in Investshield comes under section 80c and 10D of Income Tax Act 1961.

According to me if you’re not looking to take any sort of risk with your hard-earned money at this moment, then Investshield by CHOICE Life Insurance is the best option for you in the market. Visit Online ULIP by CHOICE to know more about Investshield and buy it right away.

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