How To Choose The Right Keywords For Your Blog Post

The frequency with which a website appears in the search results determines the number of visitors it will receive and, thereby, increase the chances for these visitors to be converted into customers. If you are good at keyword research and know how to choose the right keywords for your blog based on its niche, you can easily make it to the first page of Google search and attract hundreds of thousands of new users without any hassle.

How can you improve the visibility of your website?

Blogging and writing relevant content helps the readers to learn about the products or services and then search for them on various sites.  At present, there are a few styles that are coming forth, with many people relying on the net for the info they require. Long posts or blogs are being replaced by shorter ones, the addition of images to blog texts, Are people sharing your content? What and how many comments you receive in the post? Is your post a hit? Are the factors that could make you strike a chord with your readers, increase the traffic and also the sale of products and services?Do you know how trends in blogging were changed last month or at least year?

What is a keyword?

In the context of SEO, the keyword is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of your web page. They are and act as shortcuts to the entire web page. That is why they are imperative to bring in traffic to your site. It is important to use keywords strategically and get the results you want. A strategic approach to select the keywords to put to utilization in the title and text and promotional efforts will help you reach your target audience without fail and get web traffic even from websites like Google.

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Using keywords effectively

As you know already, keywords include words and short phrases used to get web traffic. Once you decide the keyword you are going to use, you write content, blog posts and titles and engage in SEO activities to gain a rank for these keywords so that number of people searching for the keyword can find you.

Types of keywords

Keywords could be a short tail or long tail. The short tail keyword brings in more traffic to your website, but it does not mean that the person searching for that keyword is going actually to buy or utilize the service. An example of the short tail keyword is shoes, and a key phrase is leather shoes. Such a keyword or phrase will bring in more traffic, but the chances of making a sale are minuscule. While a person is searching for a long tail keywords or phrase such as leather shoes for men size, seven is most likely to convert his search into a buy.

Keyword research- Is it necessary?

Keyword research is essential to get you close to your target audience. Only the time you need to spend on the research varies. You need to spend an extended period and research thoroughly, when you are about to launch a website or page of your own, further blogs do not require as much research and time. You should aim to get the right kind of visitors to your site, as the number of visitors alone is not enough to determine the effectiveness of the keywords or phrases.

Define the results you wish to achieve

Before you engage yourself in keywords research, you also need to consider what action, you would expect from the reader of your website. It could be an encouraging number of social shares and backlinks to create an authority, getting signups as it would serve as a mailing list, which you can use to capture business later or make him buy a product or service.

Using Keyword Research Tools

Using keyword research tools like Market Samurai can help you decide if the keyword you have chosen is optimal to reach your goals and how successful it can be. You could also investigate about your competitors using other keyword research tools such as SEMrush and Majestic SEO to get an idea of how your competitors can get a better rank. You could visit the websites and make a note of comments and social shares they have got and consider what improvements you can make in your article or how you can write the information in a different manner.

The explorer keyword tool gives you the monthly search volume data, estimated click through rate, a rough idea of how strong it is going to be to rank for your keyword and also a score which represents your potential to get rank. It also gives you a list of related keywords for you to research. Since it is free to try and helps you to streamline your efforts to discover and prioritize the keywords, it is a useful tool.

Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner, is another keyword research tool used for SEO. In addition to providing details about search volumes and keywords, it also provides a predicted cost for running paid campaigns based on these keywords.

Variety and differentiation

Google aims to answer the questions people have in all possible manner and all possible angles; it is easier to gain rank by producing articles that are different in the way it is being written and also the type of information provided.

Assessing your keywords

To understand if the keyword is right, and if it is going to deliver the results you expect it is necessary to try and answer a few questions like – Is the keyword relevant to your website? If a person searches for this keyword, will he find information that he sought for? If so, Is your site easy to navigate so that, the search traffic can be guided to complete a sale or achieve the organizational goal that you wished to make? If the answers to these questions are yes, you can consider it a proper keyword or phrase.

To achieve success, you need to to proper keyword research and choose a keyword that is in demand but, you should also understand the type of effort that is required to achieve high rank.

This guest post was written by a young writer and blogger Christine Allen. She believes that you can get everything that you want. You just need to be sure in what you really want and be patient.

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