How To Switch From One Web Host To Another (Step-By-Step Guide)

Planning to switch from one web host to another would be like moving to a new home in the physical world. Now think of all possible things that one would do finding a new location, doing all the paperwork and pack up all belongings to the new location. Hereafter, you finish off by hanging a cool sign over the door to let know every one of your new home.

Switching from one web host to another in the virtual world would look similar to this. Though for some, it can be a tiring process and for few, it’s completely attainable. Switching from one host to another would require a series of actions in order to ensure the transfer is completely done safely.

How To Switch From One Web Host To Another:

To inaugurate this specific series you would require following some simple steps. The guide will help your website gets a transfer from one host to another. Let’s look at the step-by-step method to ensure that your website gets transferred to a new host with least downtime.

Purchase a web hosting with a new host

First, you need to find a reliable hosting that suits your requirement. But make sure that your old web hosting account should not get canceled until a complete migration is done. Try migrating to your new host prior to 7 days before the old hosting plan gets canceled.

Create backups of your website files

The next step would be taking backup of your website files along with the database on your existing server. The step is vital try not to skip any of them.

To take backup of the files you can either download it on your PC. Or you can use the FTP application such as CutePDF, SmartFTP or most popular FileZilla for transferring all graphics, HTML etc.

Make sure that you take a full backup of the old server that your website runs doing so will let you enjoy the full functionalities of the new hosting.

Upload website files to new host’s server

Finally, this step would require you to upload all the website files on the new server. The server information would be sent out on your mail at the time of purchasing a web hosting.

You should try to update all information including email accounts to your new server before switching the DNS.

The process simply refers to transferring old assets to the new shop. You are now able to simply upload all the files including databases and apps to your new server. Whereas you can also use PhpMyAdmin to export database files to the new server too.

Add An Email account to the New Server

To retrieve the email account along with the website on the new server before switching the DNS. Log in with the temporary login information that is provided by the new host.

Now, set up your e-mail accounts with the new server that existed on the old server. The best practice would be creating two accounts for an e-mail address and using one IP of each mail (old and new server) in the POP setting.

Test your website on the new server

Now when you have bought everything for a new start then you have to set the arrangements in perfect to get the things at best possible manner.

You need to check everything with the new website see whether the website files are similar to the new host. Here you get to mirror your site using the temporary URL to test the performance of the website on a new server.

In the following testing ensure that the website is up to your satisfaction that includes image, links, text appearing correctly on the new website. See that the website link is appearing and working fine too.

Thoroughly check all the issue beforehand so that you can able to contact the relevant authorities when needed.

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Change the DNS records

Now you have some shifting process to come. For instance, you take care to inform the customers about the new location you shifted. That’s how you need to take the final method of your hosting provider.

For this, you need to change the DNS records of the control panel with the domain registrar. Before doing so make sure to change the database string from the control panel itself of the new hosting provider.

Apart from this change of DNS name servers should be made effective. You can take a look at the mail received as a welcome mail from the new hosting provider. You can either wait for 24-48 hours to take the migration process gets completed.

Note: Make a note of successful website migration to your new host. You can now cancel your old hosting account. As the website migration is completely done now you can process the same using WHOIS lookup tool. Also, check the proper of the email accounts.

Bottom Line: Get rid of your filthy Host Today!!

Making a switch to a new host can be stressed full at times when it needed most. If you’re running a fully fledged website or a blog, with help of this guide you’ll be able to troubleshoot carrying out all the operations for usual backups, downloads, upload stuff.

For additional tips regarding how to switch from one web host to another, make sure that you follow all the above-mentioned tips carefully. In case of any questions, queries or feedback, please comment down below!

[This post was contributed by Rohit Mishra, a certified computer engineer from the Mumbai University, offering expertise in web hosting across the world. You can read his detailed article on best hosting for node js and also another informative piece on Best VPS Hosting to resolve web hosting related doubts.]

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