Top 6 Website Load Time Analyzers You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Did you know Google officially announced that websites taking a little too extra time to load might get penalized? Yes, you read it right. Your website load time plays a crucial role in search engine optimization score. The lower is the load time, the higher would be the SEO score.  Internet users like to browse sites that load fast, which is why Google pays extra attention to website load time and demotes search engine ranking of those that load slowly.

In this guide, I will name top 6 platforms that you can use and check your website load time without any hassle.

Sucuri Load Time Tester

The first site in this list is Sucuri, which you can use to test website load time. It enables you to check your website load time from multiple places i.e. you can check how fast your website loads when people from different parts of the world browse it. Give it a try and unlock the information you never knew before.

PageSpeed Insights

In order to add value to customers’ time, Google pays extra attention to website load time. PageSpeed Insights is a Google operated tool that lets you analyze website load time on the desktop and mobile devices. Along with load time, it also suggests you changes that to improve site performance.

Lest you want to break down your website load time in different parameters and check which element affects the loading time most, you should try without any second thought. It can tell you which script took the longest, allowing you to get rid of it right away.


YSlow analyzes web pages and tells you root causes of their poor loading speed. You can download this Yahoo operated tool for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Command Line (HAR), Node.js Server, Source Code, Bookmarklet, etc. and check your website load time on the go.


What’s the use of a tool if it only tells you the website load time, but doesn’t recommend any change to improve the performance?  GTMetrix is the best answer to this question. Along with your website load time, it suggests you changes that you can implement and reduce the load time.


Use webpagetest.otg if you want to have a detailed analysis of website load time and figure out the root cause of the error. It can tell you the time elapsed in the first byte, start render, speed index, DOM elements during first view and the second view. It’s one of the best free tools you can use to check website load time.

Let me know if there’s any other tool that should be included in this list. Have you checked your website load time? Share your feedback with others in the comment box.

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