Top Affiliate Programs You Should Be Promoting This Year

With tens of thousands of products being sold online on a daily basis, affiliate marketing has transformed into a multi-million dollar industry. If you are a blogger or internet marketer and want to multiply your earnings, you should make use of this opportunity and start promoting top affiliate programs. In this guide, I will share a list of top affiliate programs and best pay per click affiliate programs in terms of payouts, popularity, and reliability. But before we go into details, let me explain the meaning of affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple words, affiliate marketing is the process to promote the products and services of different companies/individuals on your blog and earn a commission in return. The commission rate varies from company to company, but if you put your heart and soul into affiliate marketing, you can easily make thousands of dollars every month and create a sustainable income stream.

Top Affiliate Programs For Everyone

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is, let’s take a look at the top affiliate programs that you should try on your blog.

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Top Affiliate Programs Related To Web Templates & Designs

By promoting the below mentioned top affiliate programs on your blog, you can make $$$ on regular basis. Take a look-

  • Template Monster: It provides best in class HTML website templates. Some of its popular products include WordPress Themes, Website Templates, Joomla Templates, PrestaShop Themes, Magento Themes, WooCommerce Themes, Moto CMS Templates, etc. No matter which part of the world you are based in, you can promote Template Monster on your blog and generate sustainable income. The commission rate varies from 30% to 50% of the sale amount.
  • StudioPress: StudioPress doesn’t require any introduction. Its Genesis Theme Framework is used by many top companies and internet marketers due to fast speed and excellent SEO compatibility. StudioPress offers a lucrative 35% commission rate on all the affiliate transactions.
  • Themeforest: Another top affiliate program with a great payout structure. You get 30% of the purchase price for every sale. ThemeForest is one of the widely recognized website theme networks in the world, so you can leverage its brand image and make a huge commission every month.
  • MyThemeShop: It offers affiliate commission of up to 70% for every successful transaction. On top of that, MyThemeShop keeps coming with new promotional offers from time to time. One of the best affiliate programs for newbie bloggers and internet marketers.
  • Codecanyon: Just like Themeforest, Codecanyon offers 30% affiliate commission for every sale. It follows an easy and hassle-free payment process. Give Codecanyon a try and start making $$$ even when you’re not working.

Top Affiliate Programs Related To Managed WordPress Hosting

No matter how small or large an organization is, as long as it seeks to maintain an online presence, it has to select either shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting for itself. As an internet marketer, you can use it as an opportunity. Here are top affiliate programs related to WordPress hosting that you can promote on your blog and make huge money on regular basis.

  • WP Engine: There’s no doubt that WP Engine is the one stop solution for those who seek premium hosting with nearly 100% uptime and minimum website load time. When it comes to affiliate marketing, WP Engine pays a minimum of $200 commission to all the affiliates. There are only a few companies that pay higher affiliate commissions than WP Engine.
  • BlueHost: If you’re looking forward for a web hosting provider that doesn’t suck when the traffic on your site grows, Blue Host is one of the best options to give a shot to. As a blogger or internet marketer, you can promote Blue Host on your site and earn a whopping commission of $65 per signup. That’s not a small sum at all.

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  • Hostgator: It’s one of the widely used hosting service provider in the world. You can join its affiliate program and start making extra cash regularly.
  • iPage: Just like WP Engine, iPage pays relatively high commissions to its affiliates. Every time a new user takes its awesome hosting plans via your affiliate link, iPage pays you $150. Isn’t it amazing?
  • DreamHost: Joining the likes of iPage and WP Engine, DreamHost pays up to $97 for every referral. It’s one of the most sought after hosting providers in the world, so even if your blog gets a couple of thousands page daily, you can start promoting DreamHost and become financially independent.
  • ASmallOrange: Thousands of customers from all around the globe have full faith in ASmallOrange’s services. It provides excellent services and a broad range of hosting options to everyone. You can earn $50 for every affiliate sale. Highly recommended.

Top Affiliate Programs Related To Domain Names

Apart from managed hosting, you can also promote domain name service providers on your blog and create an additional income source. Here are the top affiliate programs related to domain name services.

  • GoDaddy: Even though GoDaddy sells a broad range of products and services, its domain services are highly recommended to those who want to create internet-based businesses. You can easily earn the referral commission of up to 40% by promoting its services on your blog. Great payout structure, direct bank transfer facility and reliable brand. Go for it.
  • NameCheap: NameCheap offers 15% affiliate commission on all the successful transactions. The advantage of using NameCheap is that you get to promote a wide range of web products and services backed by a great brand name.

Top Affiliate Programs Related To eCommerce Niche

Just like web hosting and domain names, you can also promote e-commerce products on your site. Some of the top affiliate programs related to e-commerce niche are as follows-

  • Amazon Associates: Amazon is the largest eCommerce player offering affiliate services. There’s no need to worry about the product categories you can find on Amazon. The affiliate commission goes up to 12% on each confirmed sale. Payouts are monthly, and payment structure is reliable. Give it a shotJust like Amazon, you can also try eBay, Flipkart and Snapdeal’s affiliate programs.
  • iTunes Affiliate Program: With a massive database like Apple’s, you can generate regular affiliate commission without any hassle. As part of the iTunes affiliate program, you are eligible to sell anything and everything available on iTunes. Give it a try by apply for iTunes affiliate program right away.

LinkTrackr Affiliate Program

Link Trackr is one of the highly sought after products as it helps e-commerce companies and affiliate marketers track down their links and analyze the real-time performance of all the product links. It offers one of the top affiliate programs in the world. You can promote its plans on your blog and get paid massive commission ranging from 30% to 50% of each sale. The best thing about promoting LinkTrackr is that it keeps on increasing your affiliate commission rate as your performance improves.

Aweber Affiliate Program 

Aweber is undoubtedly the best email marketing marketplace in the world. Most of the renowned bloggers, internet marketing companies and organizations use Aweber to tap new customers via email marketing. You can promote Aweber on your blog and earn 30% commission on every sale. What places Aweber among the top affiliate programs is its recurring income model. For as long as anyone you have referred to Aweber continues to buy its services, you get paid 30% commission. There’s hardly any other company that offers such as incredible recurring affiliate program in the industry.

Affiliate Marketplaces

Along with the programs mentioned above, you can join affiliate marketplaces and explore a whole new world of affiliate marketing. Here are a few affiliate marketing platforms that can put you in touch with a broad range of companies and help you make hundreds of dollars every month.

Getting accepted by these marketplaces isn’t as easy as other top affiliate programs, but if you post high-quality content on your blog and follow the guidelines mentioned by these marketplaces, you can get the approval. Given that all of these platforms offer great deals, including clickbank pay per lead offer, there’s no harm in giving them a try.

Closing Remarks

Affiliate marketing can help you earn thousands of dollars every month and live a financially independent life. All you need to do is write high-quality content on your blog and join these top affiliate marketing programs. Let me know if you have tried any of these top affiliate marketing programs before. How’s your experience? Please share your feedback in the comment section.

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  1. Good number of list of affiliate programs, one can choose according to their business niche. As Affiliate marketing is very much effective to make money online. Looking forward to hear much more from you 🙂

    • Hi Vineet,
      Thanks for stopping by. Will keep updating this list from time to time to add new brands/network. Please comment below if you think there’s any other affiliate brand that should be included in this list.

  2. Hi,

    I was wondering if InterServer can be added to your list. We have been providing hosting services for 16 years. We have a great affiliate program with many features others do not have such as customizable coupons and landing pages. I can offer you a demo account with some prepay money to try our hosting services.

    Thank you for considering us.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for stopping by. Will definitely give a shot to InterServer and check if it can be added to this list.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for stopping by. I have personally tried all these programs and they are good to start with. ShareASale is amazing. Let me know if you face any trouble signing up. Best of luck 🙂

  3. This is a great consolidated list of programs that people who want to try affiliate marketing should review. I am a member of Clickbank and have been receiving checks quite regularly.

    • So nice to know that you are already making some money. I hope you try other programs as well to increase earning potential.

    • It’s never too late to start something new. Let me know if you have any issue with the basics of affiliate marketing.

    • Jason. Give them a shot. Others are making thousands of dollars month after month. You too can join them and make residual income with the help of these affiliate programs.


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