What Is Dedicated Server Hosting? It’s Importance For Your Website

After covering reseller hosting, shared hosting and VPS hosting in the previous guides, today we’ll focus on dedicated server hosting and the importance of dedicated servers for organizations. Before we move ahead, let’s understand the basic meaning of dedicated server hosting-

What Is Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting, also known as dedicated server hosting or managed hosting service is a type of web hosting service in which the client takes the entire server on the lease. Unlike shared and VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting enables you to have full control over the security, hardware and operating system of the server.

If you are interested in cheap web hosting plans, dedicated servers are not meant for you.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Importance of Dedicated Server Hosting


The dedicated server hosting plays an important role for all the users. Some of the main benefits of dedicated servers as part of your web hosting plan are-

  • Privacy: The best part of dedicated hosting is 100% privacy. You don’t have to share your server resources with any other website and feel worried about them clogging up your server’s RAM and CPU. A good dedicated hosting provider puts you in the driver’s seat and enables you to control the performance of the site.
  • Security: When you buy dedicated web hosting, you don’t have to share your server with any other website; hence, there’s no chance that any potential spammer or malicious website can break into your website’s security system.
  • Performance Enhancement: Choosing a dedicated hosting plan guarantees performance enhancement. If your website receives massive traffic on daily basis, dedicated server web hosting can provide it more reliability and stability than shared or VPS hosting.

Along with these three major advantages, you also get to enjoy unique IP address as part of dedicated server web hosting plan from your web hosting provider.

Operating System Support In Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Generally, users get variations of Unix and Linux operating systems at no extra charge. However, in the case of commercial setups, web hosting companies provide Microsoft Windows server, which is chargeable. All the operating systems get timely updates to acquire the latest patches, security fixes, and system-wide vulnerability solutions.

Although it comes with a lot of benefits, you need to buy dedicated server web hosting from a reliable web space provider. After all, a server can’t come to your rescue unless the service provider does.

Search well-known dedicated hosting provider on the web, read what others have to say about them, and then take any action. In my knowledge, these are some of the best dedicated web hosting providers in the market-

  1. WP Engine
  2.  Hostgator
  3. BlueHost
  4. DreamHost
  5. iPage
  6. A Small Orange

Currently, I’m using Hostgator on this blog and have used all the remaining hosting providers on some of my other blogs and client-websites. I feel they can provide you good value for your money.

Still got any question about dedicated web hosting? Please comment below your query.

Also, if you have been using dedicated hosting already, please share your experience with others.

5 thoughts on “What Is Dedicated Server Hosting? It’s Importance For Your Website”

    • Hi Kailash,
      I have written a separate post about shared hosting, which you can find here.

      I’m using hostgator on bloggersclan, and feel quite satisfied. The uptime is very good and the staff is fully supportive. Besides, I’ve tried Bluehost, WP Engine and Dream Host on few other blogs and client-websites. They’re all good. I’d suggest you to check their plans and go with the one that suits your needs and budget.

  1. Thanks for the good article. I didnt know anythink about Dreamhost and other, choosing my hosting.
    But as for me, the most important parameters of hosting were nice speed, good stability and not very terrible price.
    P.S. sorry for my English and dont mind as reclame

  2. I was going to host my website to one of the big hosting companies, but then I found out that it was bought by EIG, and I read that many people were complaining about the support and the speed this host provides. I was looking at first Mikrotik CHR and I found a company named BGOcloud and their services turned out to be great, in my opinion. Maybe about a month ago I took a dedicated server again from them and I’m quite satisfied again and even recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a dedicated server at a decent price.


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