What Is Shared Web Hosting & How Can You Make It Work For Your Blog

Web hosting plays a significant role in any business’s online success. From free web hosting plans to paid ones, there are multiple options available in the market. In this guide, we’ll discuss shared web hosting, its importance, advantages, and disadvantages.

Before we get into details, let’s understand what is shared web hosting-

What Is Shared Web Hosting

What Is Shared Web Hosting?

A web hosting arrangement in which multiple websites share a large server is called shared web hosting. In simple words, when your site shares a hosting server with many other sites, it’s called shared web hosting.

It’s by far the cheapest and most preferred type of hosting among newbie bloggers. While a dedicated web server can cost hundreds of dollars every month, shared web hosting is available for about $4-$10 per month.

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Why Shared Web Hosting Costs Very Less?

Suppose a dedicated server hosting plan costs $500 per month when used individually. However, when two people come together, it costs each of them $250. If they decide to share it with three other people, then each of them has to pay not more than $100. Now imagine a scenario when 100 people are using that dedicated server. In that case, it won’t cost more than $5 to each of them. This is how shared web hosting works.

Companies offer their servers to multiple parties in order to bring down the overall cost and make web hosting affordable to those who have just started their journey in the dot-com world. Although free web hosting doesn’t work in the long-run, cheap web hosting plans can make a considerable difference in a newbie bloggers’ lives.

Who Should Go For Shared Web Hosting?

Just like free web hosting plans, shared web hosting comes with a lot of restrictions, which may cause problems at times, especially to sites/blogs that get massive traffic. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a shot at all. If you have just launched a new blog, which’s not expected to receive a flood of traffic in the near future, then there’s hardly any better option for you than a shared web hosting plan (given that you don’t want to fall prey to free web hosting plans).

When you start a new blog, your budget is tight, and the traffic is low. Earnings are almost zero as you are a beginner. It’s when you experience a lot of financial burden, which may lead to excessive mental pressure and affect your performance. A good shared web hosting plan can keep you at bay from unnecessary money related issues.

Pros of Shared Web Hosting

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use admin panel (Fantastico, cPanel, etc.)
  • Good support system
  • Easy to upgrade options

Cons of Shared Web Hosting

  • Slower server response as compared to dedicated servers, which may affect blog’s speed
  • At times shared web hosting companies may try to oversell their services and force you to upgrade to higher subscription plans. It may result in a frequent site downtime, which may affect your blog/site’s reputation.

Closing Remarks

Shared web hosting is probably the best type of hosting for newbie bloggers and internet marketers who don’t have a huge budget for hosting services.

Lest you have just started your journey in the dot-com world, then give shared web hosting a shot without any second thought. However, before taking shared web hosting from any company, do a background check of its customer reviews and track record. A large part of your experience with shared hosting depends on upon your service provider. While a good shared web hosting provider can save tens of dollars for you every month, a not-so-good shared web hosting service provider can cause unnecessary troubles. So, choose your shared web hosting service provider wisely.

Here are a few handpicked shared web hosting service providers that you can give a shot without any second thought-

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A Small Orange Shared Hosting Plans ($5/Month)

iPage Shared Hosting Plans

Have you bought a shared web hosting plan lately? How’s your experience so far? Share your feedback with others in the comment section.

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