What Is The Ideal Blog Post Length You Should Target To Get Maximum Views? A Blogger’s Guide

Should you be a blogger or intend to become one, this question will strike you at some point. What’s the ideal blog post length that you should target to get maximum views? As the saying goes – Content Is King; you should plan your blog writing in such a way that you can achieve maximum results with minimum efforts. By the time you finish reading this blog post, you will get a fair idea of how many words you should target every time.

Why Do We Blog?

Money shouldn’t be the only driving force behind blogging. Here are a few things that should drive you crazy (if you are a blogger by heart) –

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  • More Traffic
  • More Readers
  • More Back-Links
  • More User Engagement

You may not agree with me today, but as you spend more time in this industry, you will realize money comes at the bottom of the pyramid that contains driving forces, which prompt bloggers to work incessantly on their blogs.

Let’s keep this discussion for some other day. Today our point of discussion is The Ideal Blog Post Length. Before we get into details, do away with this myth:


Ideal Blog Post Size For Your Blog
Shorter Is Not Better

There was a time when many expert digital marketers used to say that it’s ideal to keep the blog length as short as possible to engage more readers as they don’t have the whole day to read your blog. Wrong!

It’s a completely misunderstood fact. Although users don’t have the entire day to read your blog, that doesn’t mean you should switch to 100-150 word blog posts hoping you will engage more readers this way. Some say that your blog post shouldn’t exceed 600 words if you want to engage maximum readers. Another wrongly perceived fact.

Don’t listen to such expert marketers!

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What Should Be Your Strategy To Stand Out of Crowd?

The more you listen to others, the more confused will you get. The best way is to define your goal and then proceed further. In any case, it will be one of these three:

  1. You Want More Comments On Your Blog
  2. You Want More Shares On Social Media Platforms
  3. You Want More Traffic Juice From Search Engines (Google in particular).

In 90% cases, your goal should fall under one of these three categories. Let me address each one of them individually.

More Comments: If you want more comments on your blog, you should keep your blog post as short as possible. Similar to a small discussion. It will prompt users to participate in the discussion without any second thought. For this, you can try blog posts that are 80-300 word long.

Pros: Short blog posts of 80-320 words get maximum comments.

Cons: They are hardly shared on social media platforms and also carry bad SEO score. Don’t try if you want your blog to rank high on search engines.

More Social Media Shares: If you want broader social media reach, you should focus on medium-size blog posts. 600-1100 word long blog posts are considered more shareable on social media platforms than others. However, length isn’t the only factor that will earn your blog post social media shares; content quality, keywords, post title, reference images and the amount of research done by you will determine whether it’s shared widely or not.

Pros: Medium Size blog posts of 600-1100 words get maximum social media shares. They are good for SEO and often rank well.

Cons: Nothing

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More Traffic Juice From Search Engines: If you are a pro-blogger and inclined to get more traffic juice from Google, focus on writing well-researched long case-study type posts that contain each and every detail about the topic you want to cover. The average size of these posts may vary between 2500 words and 5000 words.

Pros: Well researched blog posts of 2500-5000 words get more preference in search engines than shorter blog posts.

Cons: Require more dedication, time commitment and excellent research skills.

These points are ideal for WordPress blogs. But if you are a news writer or journalist, you may not need to follow these points. Research shows that 750-800 word long posts written by professional journalists get maximum user engagement. However, rather than focusing on length, you should concentrate on putting enough information in your news pieces that can add value to your readers’ time. That will be more than sufficient.

Ideal Blog Post Length You Should Target
Know When To Stop

What’s the ideal blog post length that you follow? Or I should ask is there any ideal blog post length that you follow? Comment below and share your experience with others.

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