What Is VPS Hosting? Important Things To Know Before Upgrading To VPS Hosting

VPS is a server with its own copy of allocated server resources and operating system, within a shared web hosting environment. Those who’re into web hosting business can understand VPS hosting with the help of the following equation-

VPS Hosting = Shared Web Hosting + [Dedicated Resources + Server Root Access + Isolated Environment]

By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll get clear understanding about-

  • Meaning of VPS hosting,
  • Importance of VPS hosting
  • How VPS Hosting works
  • How VPS Hosting is different from shared web hosting and dedicated servers
  • When should you move from shared web hosting to VPS hosting

Let’s start with the basic meaning of VPS hosting before entering into its details-

Meaning of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting or the virtual private server hosting is a server within a bigger server. However, it has its own root access, dedicated resources, and isolated environment. In VPS hosting, all the websites are hosted on a virtual private server on a very powerful machine/hardware. This physical machine (read it as the server) is divided into different virtual compartments, and then separate server software is set up on each of them. Due to this arrangement, each compartment can function independently.

Importance of VPS Hosting

There are a number of benefits of using VPS hosting. Unlike shared web hosting, VPS hosting doesn’t require you to share your virtual operating system with any other website. Furthermore, you can use all the server applications like PHP, Apache, MySQL, etc., and customize them as per your requirements without any interference. VPS hosting gives you the controlling power, which isn’t available with shared hosting. Lastly, it comes with a number of dedicated resources [including RAM], which nobody else can utilize without your permission.

If you’re after a personalized and more secure experience rather than cheap web hosting plans, VPS hosting is an ideal option for you.

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All in all, VPS hosting can give you the affordability of the shared web hosting and full control over your files like a dedicated server hosting plan.

How Does VPS Hosting Work?

Let’s take the example of a residential society that has a mix of high-cost and low-cost apartments. The society provides amenities like swimming pool, garden, car-parking, etc. to all the residents. Those who pay extra rent get a separate swimming pool, car-parking space and other amenities by the landlord, while those who opt for low-cost apartments share these facilities with everyone else.

The VPS hosting is like the amenities offered to those who pay higher rent, and your server is like the residential society. Not to mention, ordinary residents who share their facilities with others are like those who opt for shared hosting plan.

The only difference between VPS hosting and the example mentioned above is the cost. While the cost of the VPS web hosting is very nominal, the benefits are no less than dedicated servers. When you opt for VPS hosting, you agree to share your server with others, but with full control over the operating system and other add-ons.

VPS Hosting v/s Shared Web Hosting & Dedicated Servers

Just refer to the residential society’s example mentioned above. Shared hosting is like those who pay the least rent and share all the add-on amenities with others, while VPS hosting is like those who pay slightly higher rent and enjoy control over all the facilities offered by the landlord (the web hosting company).

In both the cases, residents somehow share the society (read it as the server) with others. Dedicated servers are like living in a house outside the society with no pressure of sharing space or amenities with anyone else. You pay more than others and enjoy world-class services without giving up on the privacy of your files.

When To Upgrade From Shared Web Hosting To VPS Hosting?

Difference between VPS hosting & shared hosting

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When you create a blog or website and step into the online world for the first time with, you have zero earnings, very limited knowledge, and huge competition. At this time, you should try to keep your expenses bare minimum. Shared web hosting can help you do that. It may not give you a hold over the server, disk space, and operating system, but can definitely help you get through the initial phase without hurting your pocket.

As you start getting more traffic on your blog/website, and money starts pouring in, you should look to upgrade from shared web hosting to VPS hosting, so that you can serve your users in an efficient manner. VPS hosting speeds up the load time of your blog gives you full control over your files and improves the user experience. So, the moment you notice some increment in the traffic, switch to VPS hosting without any hassle.

Hand-Picked VPS Hosting Providers With Excellent Track Record

You should be cautious while choosing a web hosting service provider as it’ll determine how well can you serve your customers. In order to have an overall good experience, choose any of those web hosting service providers that have a good track record and positive user reviews.

Here are a few best web hosting service providers that I would like to recommend to you based on my past experience. You can take their VPS hosting services and ensure a hassle-free experience-

 WP Engine




A Small Orange (ASO)


You can take their services and have a hassle-free experience. Share your feedback about the post or the VPS hosting services in the comment box.

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    • Indeed,
      If you are getting moderate traffic on your blog/website, VPS hosting is the best hosting option in the market. However, Shared Hosting is suitable for those who have just started their online venture and have very limited income sources. 🙂

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