Why You Should Start A Professional Blog Right Away

People are often confused about starting a professional blog and pursue an unconventional life as bloggers to create a name for themselves and attain financial freedom. Keep reading if you have such doubts about blogging and entrepreneurship.

There are countless options by which you can make money and follow your dreams; however, it’s totally up to you as which way you want to take. If you are good at listening orders and following them without missing deadlines, go for a corporate job, or if you don’t want to keep deadlines as a burden on your head, go for any government job. Lest you belong to the third category and want to create a life for yourself on your own terms, you can take the most difficult of all the ways – Entrepreneurship.

As the name suggests, if you commit yourself to become an entrepreneur, you lay bare to this wicked world, which will try to drag you down in every possible way.

Entrepreneur's life
Entrepreneur’s life

Although, the name “Entrepreneurship” is good enough to give you goose bumps, it’s an unending journey full of hurdles, setbacks, and failures. By reading success stories and interviews of famous entrepreneurs, you may feel that this field can give you money, name and fame; what you don’t see is the long sleepless nights and failed meetings that they all had to face at some point. So, decision is yours whether you want to take an unconventional path to live a life on your own terms or an easy path with monthly salary, yearly hike, a beautiful wife and two kids.

What Entrepreneurship Demands?

Entrepreneurship isn’t a career, but a journey or a way of living life in which you serve the society, help others live a good life and make some money as part of this procedure. Don’t go for entrepreneurship, if earning money is the only motive you have. There are high chances that you might not end up with a billion dollar in your bank account after a decade of long haul. However, one thing is pretty sure that if you can survive that long in this field, you will have a sense of accomplishment, freedom, satisfaction and fulfillment, which is beyond your imagination.

Ask yourself, can you do it?

If you are reading this, you are don’t need any external force to pursue entrepreneurship. In that case, you can take a calculated risk and see how things go. That risk is setting up a professional blog. How? Read below –

Why To Set Up A Professional Blog

Many experts claim that blogging can be more than just a passion for anyone who’s serious about it. I know professional bloggers who earn more from blogging in a month than you do in a year, or say five years. To those who are serious about doing something larger than their life by coming out of their comfort zone, blogging can throw countless opportunities from all the directions. Let’s not talk about that at this stage.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to have a good product, proper selling tactics, solid networking skills, good communication and a zeal to forge ahead no matter what. How can you know if you have all these skills or not? Well, the answer is  – By setting up a Professional Blog to start blogging. I use professional WordPress blog, and will recommend the same to all the professional bloggers; however, you can count on other options as well.

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How Blogging Helps You Nurture To Pursue Entrepreneurship

The content that you write on the blog is your product, how well you write shows your communication skills (Did I ever mention only oral communication?), how you promote your content shows your marketing skills, how you network with fellow professional bloggers shows your networking skills, and last but not the least how you handle the initial obstacles in blogging shows your never-give-up approach. All in all, you don’t need to invest one million to become an entrepreneur, you can simply invest Rs. 5000 (or $100) and start your own blog to enter this field.

From here onwards, whether you go onto become a millionaire in next five years and attain financial freedom or end up as a wannabe professional blogger cum entrepreneur, will depend how consistently and passionately you work. Remember one thing –

“The world will acknowledge your overnight success, but it’s you who will decide how long that night lasts.”

Sounds interesting? If yes, then setup a professional blog right away and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey as a blogger in the lowest possible investment. Do share your opinions, suggestions and ideas in comment box.

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