WordPress 4.5 Introduces Exciting Features For Users & Developers

WordPress.Org has finally rolled out its biggest update of 2016 – WordPress 4.5. Long before the update was made available for everyone, users had started talking about expected changes that WordPress might introduce. With the current update, it looks like WordPress hasn’t disappointed them at all. Here are the major updates you can find in WordPress 4.5 –

WordPress 4.5 Is Here
WordPress 4.5

Change In Site Icon Preview In WordPress 4.5

The first major change comes in the form of better site icon preview. Up till 4.4.2 update, users could see a preview of site icon only when they changed the image. Now they can see a preview of the change under site identity panel as well.

WordPress 4.5 Live Responsive Preview
WordPress Live Responsive Preview

In addition to this, the WordPress 4.5 has introduced live responsive previews for mobiles, tabs and desktop devices. It will help users to see how their site looks on different devices.

Extra Support For Theme Logo In WordPress 4.5

Earlier, it wasn’t possible for the users to add logo directly from customizer. Even though, many premium themes offered this feature, WordPress lacked a standard format for the same. Now, developers can enable theme support for logo, allowing users to change site logo right from customizer.

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Image Optimization Feature In WordPress 4.5 

Image optimization has always been a talk of the town among WordPress experts and users. It was the WordPress 4.4 update that first introduced responsive image feature for better user experience, and since then WordPress has been making continuous improvements. In its latest update, WordPress has reduced minimum size of the compressed images from 90 to 82, allowing users to create nearly identical graphics with a smaller size.

WordPress 4.5 Improves Visual Editor

Most WordPress users spend a large part of their time writing content. With a handful of improvements in the existing visual editor features and the introduction of new ones, WordPress wants to ensure that they can continue to enjoy its visual editor for all their writing needs.

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Comment Moderation Screen In WordPress 4.5 

In WordPress 4.5, users can now see a more organized and cleaned comment moderation screen than the previous versions.

WordPress 4.5 Changes Nofollow Comment Attribute

Earlier, links mentioned in comments carried nofollow attributes. In WordPress 4.5, all the links pointing to the same domain wouldn’t carry a nofollow attribute. However, you should note that if any user adds your link to the URL box at the time of submitting his/her comment, then WordPress will add an external and nofollow attribute to that link.

Inline Link Editor In WordPress 4.5 

Remember how the link pop up pissed you at times when you typed Keyboard shortcut CTRL+K (Command+K for Mac) to add a link in your content? This issue has been sorted out in the latest WordPress 4.5 update. Now, whenever you type this keyboard shortcut to insert a link, you will see an inline insert link menu. Something most of the users were waiting for a long time.

Login Via Email In WordPress 4.5 

How often did you forget your WordPress user ID in the past and followed the long and hassled procedure to create it once again? Well, you won’t face such troubles now. With WordPress 4.5 update, you can log into their account via registered email or user ID. Lest you have been using any external plug-in to log into your WordPress account, you can deactivate it without any second thought.

WordPress 4.5 Improvements For Developers

Along with a handful of performance improvements for day-to-day users, WordPress has also come up with a few under the hood updates, such as updated libraries, customizable embed templates, script loader {wp_add_inline_script()}, WP_Site Class, and selective refresh in the customizer.

What do you think about these improvements? Download WordPress 4.5 from here & share your feedback in the comment section.

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